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Hair: The Musical

A few things site related thingies

Anyone have any suggestions for a Motivational poster for the above image or something like that we could do?

I’m putting together a little video featuring pictures of Dana White back when he had hair. I don’t know exactly how I’m gonna make it funny yet but I figure there’s gotta be an angle. Seems like if the video has the right song, I can put together an amusing 45 second clip. Anyone have any suggestions for angles or music?

Oh, and this is just a side idea I hatched while working on a new part for the book: “Is Dana White the Devil?”, which should be up later tonight.

We’re doing our best to patch our goofy system so that having to think about being logged in or whatever is a thing of the past. If you guys are experiencing any issues with staying logged in, please tell us what’s up because I wanna kick all the problems in the ass while our programmer’s mind is still fresh on his code.

On another tech level, we’re racing towards a new version of fightlinker as we speak. We finished the design last week and are in the middle of making it all work on Firefox. And then it’ll take us a while to get it looking right in Internet Explorer. But we’re working hard on it and it’ll be here ‘soon’.

If anyone has any questions or comments about this whole member posting thing or has any input on the kind of stuff they wanna see here (personal whatevers like gym and jiu jitsu stuff, more news on what’s up with the site and business in general, requests for advice when planning stuff, etc) please tell me. I’m gonna try to do 5 book segments a week, and yes I’m just as skeptical of myself as you are but i’m gonna fuckin’ try. But past that I’m open to doing all sorts of other stuff, but I have no idea what y’all would like more of.