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I haven’t had to write about Fedor for so long, and now… I still don’t have to! Via Bloody Elbow, the video above is Ariel Helwani’s telephone interview with Scott Coker. Lowlights:

  • Coker claims his 185 tournament is still undecided as far as size (4 men vs. 8 men) because he has “so many good fighters”
  • Coker claims he has 160 fighters under contract… really?  Does that somehow count the entire DREAM roster?
  • Werdum is out until 2011, and Alistair Overeem is fighting… yet to be determined.  M-1 dialogue is “ongoing” (does it ever end, Scott?) and Bigfoot Silva appears to be the next title contender.
  • Fedor v Overeem will probably not happen this year.  I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: Fedor is going to avoid that belt like the plague.
  • Coker also cannot announce Diaz/Miller.  Diaz’s next opponent is “undetermined” (read: “still not Jay Hieron, because Jay would win”)
  • Coker says Cyborg will return around the end of the year.  Ariel mentions Carano, but Coker just sings her praises and mentions she’s doing a movie.
  • Oh, Scott.  Up until the end of the first round, Cyborg/Carano was competitive?  You mean until she got smashed?
  • Coker is unrepentant about signing Dave Batista at 0-0.  Ariel is dead on here, and echoing my sentiments: there is no excuse for allowing a man with no combat experience to make his MMA debut on a main card, either on CBS or PPV.  Unacceptable.
  • Coker says “a deal is never done until it’s done” – M-1 experience, right?
  • Coker doesn’t recoil in horror from the idea of Lashley/Batista or, even more revoltingly, Batista/Walker.  I have lost all respect for Scott Coker – and this was before he discussed “having his eye on” Paul Daley.