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Badr Hari stomps his way to GP DQ

There just seems to be something about the nights that I stay up to watch events in Japan … every time I do it, the main event goes awry. First there was Shinya Aoki vs JZ Calvan. That one ended pretty quick after JZ dropped some illegal elbows to Aoki’s neck. Next up: Mirko Crocop vs Alistair Overeem, which I stayed up until 8:45AM to see end with Mirko rolling on the ground with his nuts destroyed.

Now we have the K1 World GP 2008. Overall an excellent freaking show … from start to right before the finish, I give it four outta four stars. All of the fights were exciting and there were a number of Lorenzo-style “holy shit moments”. But the event took a turn for the worst at the very end during the finals of the tournament. Badr Hari and Remy Bonjasky were battling it out, with Bonjasky coming into the second round with a 10-8 lead.

Then, the shit hit the fan. Hari stormed Bonjasky and basically shoved him on his ass. He followed this up with two strikes to his downed opponent and a head stomp. The ref was wedged between the two of them but the headkick landed, bouncing Bonjasky’s head off the canvas. 5 minutes of rolling around and being examined by doctors later, the fight was waved off with Hari getting disqualified and Bonjasky being declared the winner.

The official word was that Bonjasky was seeing double, and he didn’t seem all that happy about the situation. Still, the chatroom was leaning more to the side that Bonjasky should have sucked it up and continued. Me … I dunno. I agree that the replays made the illegal blows seem not so bad, but the stomp might have gotten Bonjasky in the eye. I’m not about to blame Bonjasky for the bullshit Badr Hari caused, so I’ll just say “Stupid Hari” and leave things at that.

This sucks balls for K-1. The World GP is their biggest event of the year and to have it end with such cocksuckery cannot be good for their bottom line. But on the bright side of things, every fight was amazing … even the final was damn wicked right up until the DQ happened. So even as I go to bed marvelling at how bad the end of tonight’s event was, it wasn’t so bad as to ruin the whole thing for me. Don’t take that to mean that what happened in the finals wasn’t total bullshit. It’s just that the rest of the event was that damn good.