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Hacker who took down UFC site is 13 years old

Following the doxing of Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, it seems like the war between Anonymous and the UFC has reached a cease fire. Hackers seem happy with the mini-storm they created, and Dana White isn’t challenging internet terrorists to hack him up anymore. One hacker getting a lot of attention out of all this is s3rver.exe, who was behind one of the UFC site hacks and claims he got a bunch of confidential information to boot. In a softpedia interview, s3rver.exe also claims he is a 13 year old from Australia who started hacking two years ago:

Softpedia: Are you part of Anonymous or are you an independent hacker that supports the cause?

S3rver.exe: Yeah, I am part of Anonymous. I have taken part in a lot of operations with Anonymous. I first heard about Anonymous when the PSN was hacked and my friend told me that there is a video on YouTube on how to join them. Then I saw their IRC and there was a channel where I asked people if they can tell me how I can help. After I learned how, I helped DDOS websites, and then I learned SQL injection and defacing.

Softpedia: Which was the most important site you breached, or the most important operation you were part of?

S3rver.exe: I have breached the Administrator of yesterday. That was fun. I went through the directories and stuff. Me and my friend Sterlok breached the security. Then I did a live deface on and The live deface was on Tinychat. I was sharing my screen and people were watching me deface. Now I have XSS’ed OPOA, which is the Oakland Police website. I am going to release their stuff soon. So those were really important to me.

Softpedia: Where did you learn all your computer skills? From school or did you learn everything on your own?

S3rver.exe: I learnt on my own. I watched tutorials on YouTube, I googled stuff and I came across many blogs which had hacking tutorials. I just discovered more and more stuff. Every day I would discover something new and that’s how I learnt, no one taught me.

So kids watching tutorials on youtube can now take down the websites of billion dollar companies. That’s good to know. When the Chinese get tired of President Gingrich’s saber-rattling and decide to hack through the fabric of the internet to cripple North America, I’m sure it will take all the force of a hot knife through butter.

  • Symbul says:

    Dana better put his IT guys to work watching YouTube to stay current with the l33t hax0rz.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully says:

    Skimping on security.
    There is no “real” value to it.

  • bosswell says:

    Ok, first off, this “are you a member of Anonymous?” stuff is complete bullshit. There are no “members,” there is no organization. It’s not like you register, or “join” like this kid claims. Every action that “Anon” organizes is completely open to the public, and anyone can join in on the DOSing, or the DOXing, or whatever attack is going on that day.

    Second, the UFC website’s security is such a joke its not funny. It was vulnerable to SQL injection. That means on their online forms, like when you’re inputting a password into a login form, you can type FUCKING CODE into the box, and instead of ignoring these characters, the website will execute this code. Rudimentary stuff, and easy to protect yourself against. Makes me think Dana hired his little nephew to make the website or something.

  • Letibleu says:

    vold, your stage, say something.

  • agentsmith says:

    Ok, first off, this “are you a member of Anonymous?” stuff is complete bullshit. There are no “members,” there is no organization.

    Kinda like al-Qaeda.

  • Johnny says:

    I think this inrterview is fake. I don’t believe in 13YO kid cracking databases as naturally as breathing. I think he’s has nothing to do with this accident and just shows off cause he thinks it’s “cool”

    Johnny, download checkers