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Gypsy Curse Lady’s ass-reaming of UFC 155 is complete (or is it???)

Hey Gypsy Curse Lady. Wassup with you? Still reigning terror down upon the MMA world? Apparently so. Dana White updates us on the latest casualty:

Mmm, that’s a lotta red goo they pulled out of Forrest’s knee. On the downside, that puts Forrest on the shelf for a good six months at least. But on the plus, he’s no longer going to have 20+ cc’s of blood violently extracted from his face by Phil Davis on New Years Eve. There’s a couple of old-as-the-sport matchups – striker vs grappler is one, and old star getting fed to young stud is another. This was definitely the latter, so Davis must be pissed Gypsy Curse Lady ate his lunch.

This also leaves the UFC’s typically stacked NYE card looking not so stacked. Aside from the still totally worth the price of admission Dos Santos vs Velasquez 2, you’ve got … Boetsch vs Philippou, Okami vs Belcher, and (Jim) Miller vs Lauzon. You can blame Gypsy Curse Lady for that shit. Originally it was Boetsch vs Weidman and Maynard vs Lauzon. FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU