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Guy who sambo’d Fedor goes MMA

I figured it was only a matter of time before the dude that caught Fedor with his little sambo shorts down would try to cash in on his footnote of fame:

It was announced at a press conference today that Tenshin Matsumoto of SK Absolute has signed a two-year contract with Blagoi Ivanov, the man who beat Fedor in Combat Sambo, for his activities in Japan.

Matsumoto saw Ivanov in Ferbuary in South Korea where he trained for three months and where he has a four-year contract with the South Korean Sambo League for his pro activities in Asia.

Matsumoto says that the intentions of Ivanov right now is to fight as a pro in Japan. He is interested in DREAM & SENGOKU and Matsumoto is already negotiating with those two organizations. If he were to fight in the U.S. he is more interested in the event where Fedor fights, Affliction, than the UFC. Matsumoto wants him to debut in summer at the latest.

Sure, Ivanov (pictured above to the right with Oleg Taktarov) beat Fedor once after Fedor showed up straight off the plane from filming a movie in Thailand. But the other time they faced off in combat sambo, Fedor drubbed him handily. So while I’m down with welcoming Blagoi Ivanov to MMA since we could always use a few more Russian sambo guys in the sport, I’m not about to buy into any crazy level of hype. Yet.