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Guy Mezger: Pride wanted “different outcomes for the fight”

I’m not the kind of person to tell you what you should be reading between the lines. I’ll just let you do the reading and decide what you think on your own: Here’s a question from one of your fans that I thought was a really good question. Why did the Pride judges hate you so much?

Mezger: You know, I’ll tell you truthfully man, I wouldn’t play ball with them on certain things. They wanted me to do certain things that’s just not something that I’m gonna do. It’s against my, kind of my moral code and I think it pissed them off because I’m not gonna do some of the stuff that they wanted me to do. And I knew the moment that I disagreed, that I wasn’t gonna play the game with them on that that things were gonna go south for me there. Can we get into anymore then that or should we just leave that at that?

Mezger: I don’t really want to get into the whole thing you know it’s just that they were wanting me to be creative in some of the guys I fought. They wanted kind of a different outcome for the fight and when I refused- They started with the whole talking about it and I was like, “Guys, I know where we’re going with this. Before you guys say anything I’m not gonna do it. I know where we’re going with this conversation and that’s just not something I’m gonna do”. I knew when that happened that I was gonna have to knock guys out. It was kind of a drag. I knew that any of those tough close fights were gonna be- I knew it.

(Editor’s note: Mezger lost 3 split decision matches in Pride and Pride officials wanted him to fight an overtime round against Kazushi Sakuraba despite his contract saying that the fight would only be one fifteen minute round with no overtime. Mezger left the ring after being advised by his trainer Ken Shamrock to do so and the president of Pride FC later made a public apology to Mezger for the miscommunication.)

Dealing with the Japanese too you know in dealing with that stuff. They have no real sanctioning body. There’s no athletic board overseeing them or signing judges or any of that kind of stuff. You know they can do whatever they want over there and they often do.

  • FTRO says:

    Subhuman yakuza filth running an MMA promotion and there are accusations of fixing fights? You don’t say!

    Mark Coleman will forever be one of the most despicable human beings in MMA because he STILL refuses to acknowledge his work with Takada a decade ago. Perhaps a yakuza death threat goes a long way…

  • cyph says:

    And this is news? ^_^

  • koolpaw says:

    Side-Note about that time he fought in Japan.

    of course Mezger was considered as one of the top fighters here. but also known for SUPER ULTRA HYPER DIFFENSIVE fight style at that time. Now we dont see such deffensive style in the videos of his fight at Pancrase and PEIDE, coz we ar now living in 2008.

    His nick name at that time was
    “fuchin kubo”= Unsinkable aircraft carrier 
    “Koutyaku Daimao”= The King of Agglutination

    Everyone wanted to watch flashy KO and submission in the begining of PRIDE. we were so Immature … i feel sorry for Mezger. He wasnt such bad nor deffensive from current view. PRIDE asked and forced hard striking fight to every fighters with poor communication. U know what happened on Mark Kerr and what Rampage told about PRIDE last year.

    I`ve heard Mezger has retired so early coz he felt serious damages from the fights. And he fought mainly in Japan since he come to Pancrase.

    So… i cant blame him whatever he says…

  • FTRO says:

    Mezger retired shortly before the Tito rematch in 2004 because he had a stroke due to medication from Merk now banned in the USA. Sucks for him.

    As far as Mezger’s career goes, he did ok until he fought tough competition (outside of the routine, unmuscular jap tomato cans fed to main eventers in Pride).

  • Method says:

    It’s not like we don’t have a similar problem here in the U.S., just takes a different form. If we really cared about legal judging, Cecil peoples would have stopped judging fights a long time ago.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    I love watching the Pride referees and how they protect their “own”. For example, if a Japanese fighter is smashing a korean fighter, the referee will allow the beating to go on for an eternity. If it is the other way, the fight gets stopped real quick. Two American fighters could basically kill each other in the ring and the Pride refs would not step until their is a KO. Aoki takes a legal elbow to the side of the head fro JZ, Aoki goes down, and the fight is halted on account an “illegal” strike. I could cite countless examples but if you are have watched a significant number of Pride bouts, you already know what I am talking about.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    sorry for all the typos.

  • Zheroen says:

    yeah omg fuxxx teh japans!!!~11!one

  • GonzoDamon says:

    Actually Tomato, the refs would only stop the fight and protect their own if their is some sort of illegal action. If a Japanese fighter is getting pounded on then they let it go on for DAYS, trying to give the hometown boy time to recover. You got it a bit twisted. Look no further than a certain Saku for proof. If that’s not enough, watch the ref drag a half-dead Yoshida back into the ring against Barnett. Errr…..damn…wasn’t it Barnett? Man…it seems like the memory gets fuzzier and fuzzier…

  • ttt says:

    JT agree with you on most points but bad example to choose from.

    “Aoki takes a legal elbow to the side of the head fro JZ, Aoki goes down, and the fight is halted on account an “illegal” strike.”
    -no elbows to the head are allowed