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Guy Mezger: “No works, just fixes”

Looks like there was a lot of reading between the lines going on regarding Guy Mezger’s statement yesterday, so Guy has come out to be a bit more direct. In a nutshell, it goes like this: “None of my fights were works … they just tried to pay me to lose, is all. Oh, and the refs and judges are crooked.”

I am not claiming that any of MY fights were fixed or “worked”. I fought many hard matches in Pride with full intention of winning. I was stopped twice and the rest were split decisions against me in my losses in Pride (and, of course I disagree with the decisions, but I knew that I should have KOed them anyway). I am stating that I was approached once and only one time about my match with Satake.

I was approached by 2 Japanese guys who were always at the Pride events and were accompanying various Japanese fighters. They wanted to discuss my upcoming bout with Satake. They insisted that I keep it a stand up fight to be a more exciting match for the fans (or maybe because he has no ground game at all.) I told them that I was going to fight like I always do and I do my best to make it as exciting as possible, but I was not going to promise them anything. They came back to me that they were willing to compensate me (that is Japanese term for money) to keep it on the feet. I said no. They then changed the subject and said that they could get me hooked up in Japanese Pro-Wrestling and make more money. I felt this was another attempt to get me to make it a kickboxing match, but then they were discussing the outcome of the match and how it was important for Satake to win because he lost his last match. I stopped them there and told them I knew what was going to be said next and I was not going to do it. (If he had to win then that meant that I had to lose) End of Conversation.

My match was not very entertaining with Satake, but I knew that they wanted him to win and I needed to make sure I won very handedly or I would get screwed. It is not like it had not happened to me already with Sakuraba. They didn’t like the out come of that fight and changed the agreement/contract right on the spot. Satake was cheating so bad in that fight it was crazy. The ref even warned my corner that I was going to get a yellow card for yelling out every time he held onto the ropes with either his hand or hooked his foot (I could not make something up this bad).

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Wow. PRIDE goes down another notch in respectability. Sad.

  • Ark says:

    I’ve been wondering about the third fight in the Sakuraba-Wandy trilogy ever since I decided to rewatch it on DailyMotion.

    1) In the first match, Wandy tools Sakuraba standing, gets a TKO victory.

    2) In the second match, Sakuraba comes out with tons of beautiful and very effective takedowns but can’t do any damage to Wandy on the ground. It’s a very boring fight as Sakuraba is just pinning Wandy to ground, and Wandy is never standing long enough to hurt Sakuraba.

    Eventually, Wandy gets an opening and picks up and slams Sakuraba, reportedly breaking his clavicle, and the match is stopped due to injury when Sakuraba doesn’t come out for the second round.

    3) In the third match, Sakuraba decides to return to the gameplan of standing with Wandy, and eats a highlight reel KO off of a 2-punch combo after he attempts a leg kick.

    Why did Sakuraba return to his losing gameplan after his takedowns worked so well in the second fight? Do you think he was paid to stand with Wanderlei or do you think he was hurt/didn’t want to do another boring humpfest?

  • Sakaraba probably forgot about the 2nd fight and how bad his strategy worked in the first.

  • crs says:

    I really doubt PRIDE would want Sakuraba to take a dive since he was their biggest star and immediately after that loss people were calling for his retirement (and here we are 5 years later…)

    There were definitely fixed fights in PRIDE (Takada vs. Coleman is probably the most obvious.) Some people have said since the PRIDE alumni have done so poorly in UFC that they were all fixed, but I won’t go that far. If the whole company was no better than the pro wrestling company Takada and Sakuraba came from then they would definitely have Japanese fighters as unstoppable champions instead of Fedor and Wanderlei.

    But yeah, the refs would stop the fight much faster if a non-Japanese fighter was in trouble and let the fight continue until a Japanese fighter was completely KOed.