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Guess what Falcao was arrested for

You can add this to our growing pile of evidence that Maiquel Falcao is a psycho:

Chute Boxe middleweight Maiquel Falcao – who recently debuted in the UFC with a victory over Gerald Harris – was arrested today in Pelotas, South Brazil by local police.

Falcao was apprehended after giving an interview to Grupo Brasil de Comunicação. According to witnesses, there was no resistance.

The arrest came as police fulfilled a Judicial Order related to corporal assault (’bodily assault’).

For those ‘pure sports fans’ who are willing to overlook a little bad behavior so long as highlights keep coming, don’t worry too much. This is Brazil, where assault is a national pastime. And who knows. Maybe Falcao was protecting a group of nuns from some gangstas or something. He could be a HERO! Besides, even if the UFC doesn’t want to be associated with this kind of thing, I’m sure Strikeforce would snap Falcao up. He would have been a great addition to this weekend’s card which features upstanding athletes Paul Daley, Mike Kyle, and Babalu.

(thanks to jackal DJ ThunderElbows for the heads up!)

  • chiggs says:

    Meh. Charges are from fuckin 2002 or someshit. He’s no different than at least 20% of Pro fighters on the psycho scale and isnt any worse then some of the others to fight in the UFC lately, IE Gil Yvel, Cheick “nutkrusher” Kongo ect. ect.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    ^This, plus the only reason he was arrested is because his lawyer is a dumbass.

  • iamphoenix says:

    The best part is when he is crazy.

  • Márcio says:

    Is Falcao fightlinker’s new Mike Kyle?

  • agentsmith says:

    It’s a lame technicality. He moved while under house arrest cause his lawyer told him it would be fine, so technically he never completed his sentence. That was like 8 years ago, and for some reason they decided to arrest him now.