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GSP/Silva tremors (and the inevitable letdown)

Fedor is fighting tomorrow, and the Intertubes are abuzz with tribute videos, career analysis and the kind of uncritical, lauding manuscripts they used to make scribes write on papyrus. Alas, it’s looking all the more likely that a UFC run is not in the Last Emperor’s future, but instead of bitching about that (or fretting about the potential of the winner of this fight facing Overeem for the belt – I say “potential” instead of “insanely obvious reality” because of the ambiguity that is Fedor), we have all seemed to collectively decide to say “What’s done is done,” slap the GOAT sticker on Fedor’s bumper sticker, remember the good times and kiss him goodbye. I’m largely on board.

We’re entering an era now where there will be no such thing as a #1 fighter – at any weight class – fighting outside of one organization’s control. Fedor Emelianenko will be the final fighter outside of the UFC or WEC not ranked #1 at his weight class. That’s immense, and bound to change the landscape considerably. Let’s start here – the fantasy fights that you can draw up in your head have a much better chance of happening. Witness the two most dominant champs in the UFC right now, and Dana White being slowly swayed by “people asking me” (read as “the possibility of a huge PPV“):

UFC President Dana White says that so many UFC fans are asking him about welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre fighting middleweight champion Anderson Silva that he may soon have no choice but to put the fight together.

“People ask me that all the time,” White told Dan LeBatard, via Sports Radio Interviews. “This is what I believe. I believe my job is to put on fights that people want to see. I keep hearing that and enough people want to see it. I guess I’m gonna have to do it.”

First of all, Dan LeBatard > anyone he subs for on Pardon the Interruption. Second, some cold water from Da Spyder (yes, he gets Kendall Grove’s bastardization of his nickname until he fights Sonnen) from Nick Thomas at BE. But isn’t it nice that bullshit promotional wrangling or purse demands won’t factor into whether or not this – or any potential future #1 v #1 – fight happens?