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GSP’s manager talks worth

There’s a saying in the business world: You are worth what you say you are worth. Maybe that’s why we have such a hard time making moneys, because we always rip on how utterly worthless we are. And maybe that’s why Georges St Pierre is worth so much: because his manager knows he’s worth more than most other fighters in the business. Here’s an article on GSP’s signing with uber-agents CAA that talks more about her strategy for making Georges filthy rich and why he’s so picky about sponsors:

Spencer has deliberately stuck to a few main sponsors for St. Pierre, leaving her avenues open and because the fighter is picky over what he will endorse.

“I could have had his shorts already littered with lot of logos up until now. No we’re definitely very selective in the brands that we affiliate with so it will be definitely a quality over quantity type of approach. And only premium brands.

“It’s been waiting for the right guy to ask you to go to the prom sort of thing rather than just taking anybody that came along,” she added. “Again there have been many opportunities but not all of the sponsors have been ones that I thought were a good brand affiliation for Georges and the ones that I have sought after — for example I’ve worked on Air Canada, I worked on Cadillac, I’ve worked on Rogers wireless — several of the ones that I think would have been a good affiliation, they’re just not ready to make that step yet.

“And I think big because I think Georges has that potential so hopefully this (CAA deal) is an avenue to getting to those premium sponsors.”