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GSP’s camp releases video on the Witchdoctor rub

Georges St. Pierre’s Breathing Technique – Watch more

Yesterday I was bitching about GSP’s 17-page snoozer of a response to the NSAC over Greasegate. You know me … too many words and not enough pretty pictures make Ryan angry and confused. But it turns out that they did include a video, which you can watch above. It’s not as far reaching or dramatic as BJ Penn’s epic tour de force (I’m hearing Oscar talk on that one already), but it does do a good job of showing people that the whole Witchdoctor rub is a legit thing that several fighters in the UFC use.

Dana White came out a few days ago and threw Phil Nurse under the bus, saying Nurse knew he was rubbing Vaseline on Georges and that it was intentional. Does this video make the whole procedure seem less sinister?