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GSP’s camp releases boring ass response to NSAC

GSP’s camp has responded to the NSAC’s request for an explanation regarding the whole Greasegate fiasco. Rather than present their evidence in an entertaining video format like BJ Penn did, they delivered a 17 page document which included statements from Phil ‘the Rubber’ Nurse, Greg ‘Coach’ Jackson, Steven ‘Witchdoctor’ Friend, and John Danaher, one of Georges’ grappling coaches.

You can read the whole thing here, but if you want me to just read between the lines for ya, here’s what was said: BJ Penn is just trying to make excuses, Georges wrecked BJ on skill alone, the amount of Vaseline involved was trivial, and even if it wasn’t, it was the commission’s job to deal with it at the time. That last part was hammered home a lot more softly via mentioning NAC 467.598(2) a few times.

Overall this document won’t do much to change the mind of BJ Penn or Georges St Pierre supporters. Those on the fence will probably just find the whole document boring after page 3. Not enough romance and character development, that’s what I think the problem is. Personally, I think they took 17 pages to say what could have been said in one line: yes, what happened looked bad but use some common sense and realize that it didn’t affect anything.