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GSP wins, and that makes me happy.

So what really is there to say about that performance? I’m still in a bit of a daze … the screams of the 21,000+ fans is still ringing in my ears, and the whole event is a bit of the blur. Despite the fact that I did the Fighters Only play by play, I’m having a hard time remembering what the hell went on all night.

Currently I’m sitting in the post-event press conference room waiting for that to start. Jake and some other jackals are checking out some post-party or another, I think the Rampage afterparty. I dunno if I’m gonna keep up with them after this … I feel spent. Then again, maybe a beer or two will get me back in the mood.

  • Gong says:

    Insane. Can we get a special podcast for this?

    Though I’m kind of disappointed that they only showed one prelim. We saw a clip of the Herman-Maia fight, though. Damn thing looked brutal.

  • jjdnb says:

    forget the beer. Just go back to your room and jerk off thinking of GSP, thats what i’ll be doing…

  • fightfan says:

    Damn did Serra get an ass whoopin or what. I just wish that GSP “let” the fight go into the 3rd round. Serra was already gassed out and it would of been fun watching GSP turn Serra’s face into hamburger meat.

    You notice that Serra didnt even question the stoppage. HE WANTED OUT!!!! He even said He never got his ass kicked like that

  • Jemaleddin says:

    That was a brutal ass-beating. GSP came out with his head screwed on straight – let’s hope he keeps it that way. Say what you will for Matt Hughes, he knows how a champion needs to work to maintain the title – let’s hope that GSP has learned that painful lesson.

    Also: the Danzig fight was excellent, and Mac looks like he’s developing his whole game: great transitions, and wicked knees out of nowhere. Now improve your jits! While the BJJ instructors I watched the fight with assured me that Franklin’s armbar escape was a classic technique, I was damned impressed. Franklin even worked the plum for a bit: I can just see Anderson Silva watching the show saying, “that’s my bitch!”

  • Seems like Franklin absorbed a bit through osmosis :-p But really. What use is the plum if you’re not firing off knees???

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    gsp in on the juice

    ive heard it from insiders. seriously. it wont surprise me one bit when he gets caught. just wait