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GSP was not impressed with Nick’s performance


Watch Georges St Pierre frown and scowl as the fight he wanted slips away. Of course now we know it wouldn’t have happened anyways because Nick Diaz is a pothead, but it’s interesting none the less.

  • CAP says:

    That was about as exciting as a GSP fight…

  • Sixondile says:

    So glad to see the website up and rniunng Bruce, this is where I’m gonna get most of my sports news and analysis. Great article, you know that a Mayweather Pacquio fight would be unreal when a guy like me would pay to watch it. I’ve never got into boxing, it just never has appealed to me, but I don’t care what was going on that day, I would make sure I was home to watch that fight. The Silva GSP fight would be huge too, I wouldn’t know who to give the edge. Silva has all the flash and an insane stand up game, but once GSP gets you on the ground it’s incredibly tough.