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GSP War Banana Winner

The quality of the War Bananas we received were such that we were almost unable to pick a winner. We thought about letting you guys vote for your favorite but considering the insane amount of participation that went on for the Worsties last night, we thought you guys might be sick of all the voting and delaying and so on. So we forced ourselves to pick one, and picked Boondock’s War Banana, which showed excellent use of both color and symmetry.

I just wanted to give props to everyone who submitted War Bananas – I wish everyone could win! Our Ultimate Banana Power Theorum worked flawlessly, and if BJ Penn was a smarter man, he’d report us to the NSAC too for affecting the fight via Banana Telekinesis. A shout out goes to Maafaka who tried to Tito Ortiz his way to a win with a photoshopped picture of a girl with three war bananas in her vananas. Silly him to think I haven’t already seen every single pornographic banana picture on the webs.

Mixed Martial Adam tried to seduce us with breasts (awesome), which very nearly worked except the banana used was drawn and not real. If those boobs were used to cradle an actual banana, then he surely would have won. As it stands, we have a huge appreciation for anyone who sends us naked pictures (of girls), so we’ll send him a Free Randy babydoll t-shirt, since his female companion seems to need one! And for those of asking you “Isn’t Randy free now?”, I ask you: just because a man accepts he is in prison, does that make him any more free???

Ponder on that, my friends.