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GSP vs Anderson Silva negotiation play-by-play

Round one starts with Anderson Silva coming out hot and heavy for the fight, going so far as to show up in Montreal to watch Georges fight Carlos Condit. GSP counters with a duck and delay strategy, waiting until after the post fight press conference to start demanding Anderson drop to 170 for a fight. Silva responds by trotting out his strength and conditioning coach, who downplays the Spider’s size and says 178 would be hard enough to hit as it is. Now … round two starts with Anderson’s manager delivering a message through Ariel Helwani:

“We have heard a lot from GSP. He said he wants this fight to happen on his terms. He may not be ready for it just yet,” Helwani said. “But I spoke to Anderson Silva’s manager last night, and he told me that he truly doesn’t believe that GSP wants this fight next and therefore he doesn’t believe this fight will happen.”

Anderson starts off fast with hardball tactics, declaring that Georges isn’t interested and further action is a waste of time. His first exchange ends with a blunt and effectively terrifying declaration: the fight probably won’t happen. How will GSP respond? Will he superman punch that depressing possibility with a sudden shift in reasoning? Or will he lay on the fight and stall it out until it’s no longer a viable possibility? Still no interference from the third man in the cage, Dana White, who seems content to let these two artists work their ‘magic.’