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GSP vs Anderson Silva, but more importantly … JCVD vs Steven Seagal!

Are you starting to get excited about the possibility of Anderson Silva vs Georges St Pierre finally happening? Yeah, it’s really starting to feel like a ‘some day soon’ kinda thing, isn’t it! Dana was just on the Dave and Mahoney show talking about it, and he said it’d probably happen after St Pierre fights Condit. This isn’t the first time Dana White has said Andy vs Georges would happen if x beats y, but it feels a lot more concrete this time.

Not only might we get the superfight action we’ve been craving for so long, the fight may also involve a face off of action superstars. Here’s Jean Claude Van Damme talking about his friendship with Georges St Pierre:

“St-Pierre is very good at adaptation. When he sees a fighter, he adapts. He is very fast and very explosive on the ground. He has the buttocks of a gorilla and the thighs of a sprinter. So he is very explosive. He is very strong and is a boy who works very, very hard,” he analyzes.

Yes, the two men know each other. Van Damme will also take a trip to Quebec to train with St Pierre and give him some advice.

“George is very strong. He fought hard forward. He’s in excellent physical condition. But if he could strike in some different ways, it would be another weapon in his arsenal.’

Van Damme also notes that the practice of martial arts has changed since the days when he dominated his opponents, both in the reality that big screen. However, the Belgian dream of a real fight.

“Here there is Van Damme in the St Pierre clan and Steven Seagal in the Silva clan. Maybe one day there will be a fight between St-Pierre and Silva. It would be a great fight where you could see us corner. I think I can bring something, it is almost certain,” says Van Damme.

“Nice gorilla ass, Georges! But your striking needs more variety. Hey, can you do the splits? Let me teach you some deadly stuff!”