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GSP to the rescue!

I wonder how long the UFC was sitting on the news of Mark Coleman’s knee injury … while I don’t think GSP vs Fitch was a shotgun addition to the card, I do think they waited until the fight was signed to announce the bad/good news. Takes the sting out of the whole situation a bit, right?

While I’m thinking GSP vs Fitch is going to be a good fight, there’s no doubt in my mind who’s going to win. Too bad for Jon Fitch too … one more win and he’d hold the record for most wins in a row in the UFC. Now before you all rip into me for being a massive GSP nuthugger, let me say this: I don’t think I am, but I’m willing to admit that perhaps it’s subconscious. So please … educate me guys. Post in the comments why you think Fitch has a shot at taking GSP out.

  • Marley Marl says:

    Fitch has no chance in my mind, his last fight he was not very impressive at all against a ufc virgin even.

  • We know your all over that GSPenis. I think Fitch’s only chance is to draw it out into a decision.

  • I signed up for Fightliner! says:

    Using what? His Wrastlin?

  • Hey i didn’t say he would win just its his only chance.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    I really don’t see any way Fitch is gonna take this one. His wrestling and submission defence are all well and fine for grinding out decisions against decent opponents but I guess we’ll all agree that GSP is a little more than just decent. I give GSP the advantage in striking, wrestling, on the ground, in conditioning, even strength… like I said, I don’t see Fitch winning any way whatsoever. He’s gonna be a major underdog. But it’s all theoretics. I didn’t see any way Matt Serra could beat GSP last year, either.

  • #1 Jackal says:

    I have the biggest man crush on Fitch than anybody. And this all out open nut hugging has been going on for about 2 years. But I still think my sweet heart Fitch is going to be destroyed.
    The only thing that can help my gay dream lover is if he works out with teammate Koscheck and has Kos shows him how he was taken down and controlled by GSP, and then they can work from that. It isnt going to help him out a lot but it is a start.

  • Jake "Wolf" Baker says:

    Jon Fitch is my favorite fighter, hands down. First i’d say i’m just happy he is getting a title shot. I don’t really think he has a good chance to win, but I would suppose if anyone had a chance it would be Fitch. He does have Kos, and he could perhaps work out a wrestling plan, but GSP’s balance is just too good. He might be better off coming out swinging, and using his wrestling to defend himself. He also really needs to work on his submissions for this fight. He might somehow be able to grind out a decision though, which he does. Regardless of all that, I can’t wait, I’ll be at the Fort Wayne Hooters, which I’m sure will be so packed that no one will be able to breathe.

  • garth says:

    fitch’s only chance is if mystery alien replacement pod person GSP comes out like in The Upset and gets clubbed upside the head by some awkward punch.

  • godzillad says:

    I can see Fitch winning if he learns from Hughes/Kos/Sherk’s mistakes and doesn’t think he’s insusceptible to takedowns.

    Georges has already said he doesn’t want to strike anymore, I believe he used the words “coin flip” to describe why. IF he drills his sprawl 24/7 until August, he could try to spook GSP on the feet.

  • Asa says:

    Given fitch’s observation/opinion that GSP is afraid of the standup game since he got Deeeeekheaded, I think he’s gonna try and outstrike him.

    He trains outta AKA and GSP hasn’t really thrown down with any good strikers I can think of (Help me out here, and don’t say Hieron). He’s mainly out-struck smaller grapplers (Sherk, Hughes) and Fitch, being closer in size and reach might be willing to do it.

    I hope He does, since I wanna see more of those superman-punch/roundhouse combos like he threw at Serra. Man that was dope.

  • Asa says:

    Err, yeah. What Godzillad said.

  • Asa says:

    Wait, I was referring to the comment you made right before mine.

    Do mean that GSP’ll get smoked? Even with better footwork and speed (IMO) than Fitch?

  • Johnny says:

    GSP will undress Fitch on the feet, take him down and hurt him. Then it’s RNC time.

    Jon Fitch has never been submitted I know.. but a brown belt like Fitch turns into a white belt after he takes a spinning crecent kick to the temple.

  • godzillad says:

    I was saying Fitch is gonna get embarrassed.

  • Fatal Error says:

    GSP is too dominant to lose to anything other than getting caught while on his feet. I see him taking Fitch down and pounding him out or winning a dominant decision.

  • AJB says:

    What’s Kos going to be able to tell Fitch about GSP’s wrestling that isn’t already known? “He blew through me like a New York burrito through a prolapsed anus”? Kos is a very good-to-great wrestler, and he came nowhere near stopping GSP’s takedowns. GSP dropped him with technique, with speed and with power. There’s very little defence for that.

  • shanaconda says:

    GSP by spinning sidekick followed by flying knee (he’ll break this one out special) and finishing with a flying gogoplata on Jon’s staggering corpse, (I always had a hate-on for Jon since his whine and wimp time-out head butt win over Joslin)