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GSP talks Olympics and Anderson Silva

While Dan Hardy vs GSP isn’t exactly setting anyone’s panties on fire, there are still some big things coming up in Georges’ future that everyone should be excited about. First off, Georges is emulating Randy Couture and wants to fail to qualify for the Olympics:

“There is a big difference in me saying, ‘I want to go to the Olympic games,’ and actually going to the Olympic games. It is very hard … you have to pass through a bunch of obstacles before you get there…I’m a mixed martial artist. I like to compete not only in the sport of MMA, but I like the single sports [themselves]. I love wrestling, I love boxing … for me, I love every single [discipline] of the sport. That is why I consider myself a mixed martial artist…It’s tough. It wouldn’t be easy, but maybe we’ll see what is going to happen in London.”

Maggie Hendricks (Yahoo’s hardcore Olympics blogger) details exactly what he’ll have to do to get there:

Just qualifying your country’s weight class for the Olympics is a difficult feat. It requires the wrestler to take a top eight placing at the 2011 World Championships, win their continental championship — for GSP, it would be the Pan-American Championships — or win one of the two qualifying tournaments. How hard is that? Only one country, Russia, qualified wrestlers in every weight class for Beijing. Out of eighteen weight classes, Canada qualified ten of them in 2008.

Making Canada’s team is also a time-intensive feat. GSP would need to start with the Canadian national championships in 2011 to become part of the ladder of competitors for the Olympic Trials. After that, GSP would need to win the Canadian Olympic Trials, usually held in December of the year before the Olympics. This would tie up GSP for more than a year.

And then there’s the first rumblings I’ve heard in a while of a GSP / Anderson Silva fight sometime in the future. Whether this is 2010 future or like jetpack future, who knows. Let’s just hope by the time Georges decides he’s ready, Anderson is still fighting.

He’s up from his usual 187-188 pounds as his walk-around weight to 195-196, and said he’s slowly developing muscle that he will maintain. At the same time, he emphasized that his athletic performance comes second to his health, and despite competing in a dangerous sport, he is not going to take any steps that would hinder his long-term well-being.

The 28-year old St. Pierre said that if he gets up to 200 pounds, he may have to move up a weight class. He’s noted that he goes against middleweights, light heavyweights and heavyweights in training all the time, and does very well against them.

The key is whether St. Pierre can continue to make 170 without a problem. He said if and when the cut becomes too drastic, that’s when he’ll stop. It’s in that next class up where Anderson Silva, his much talked-about potential future opponent in what would be one of the biggest matches in company history, resides as champion.

“I’m not afraid of any man in the sport,” said St. Pierre in reference to Silva, who along with St. Pierre and Fedor Emelianenko are the three fighters most debated for the No. 1 pound-for-pound spot. “Everything is a question of timing.” Because of the substantial size difference between St. Pierre and Silva, who also competes at light heavyweight, UFC has been reluctant to make a Silva-St. Pierre match no matter how much it is discussed.

“Now Anderson wants to fight heavyweights and light heavyweights,” said St. Pierre. “He’s considerably bigger. It all depends on what the UFC and the public wants. But a lot can happen. I could lose or he could lose and then the interest would drop. But I’m up for it.”

That shit about Georges gaining muscle mass isn’t just interesting in relation to Anderson Silva, but to his continued improvement as a fighter. This is normally where I’d crack a joke but I got nothing. What can I say? This whole post was just an excuse to slurp Rush dong.