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GSP talks contract renewal

The UFC doesn’t exactly have that good of a record lately when it comes to keeping it’s big name stars from fucking off. Hopefully they do whatever it takes to keep Georges St Pierre, who’s up for a new contract pretty soon:

It’s a key bout for St-Pierre, whose contract with the UFC has two more fights left to run. He’s in negotiations for a new deal.

“Before it expires, they’ll want to negotiate because they won’t want me to be a free agent, let the Japanese get their hands on me,” St-Pierre said.

“It’s just another fight that’s being fought outside the octagon, but it’s very interesting.”

St-Pierre said he’s been able to make a living from mixed martial arts since he signed his first contract with the UFC. But three years ago, it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now; St-Pierre said the purses have at least tripled every year.

“For me, it will be more than that. And these fights will be a determining factor not only for my career, but my lifestyle,” he said. “I want to use it to clear all the debts, the house, take some weight off my shoulders.

“You never know what will happen in life. I might get hit by a car tomorrow,” he said. “It’s important to put some money aside, and I’ve made investments. I won’t make the mistakes that many have made.”

Maybe Georges is just talking tough so the UFC knows he’s not just going to accept any deal so he can stay with them. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s at least considering the option of leaving the company. He’s very close with the Affliction guys, wearing blank shorts during his last fight to protest their banning and talking about them during the post-event press conference.

Fortunately the UFC has a lot of aces up their sleeves: the biggest talent pool for Georges to compete against, a consistant and reliable fighting schedule, and the ability to put on big shows in Georges’ hometown of Montreal. In fact, this article again mentions the rumor that the UFC is looking into an event at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, which holds 60k+ people. With that carrot dangled in front of GSP, I don’t know how he could walk away from the UFC. Well, I do. But if he does, I’m gonna go hit him with my car.

(props to MMA Payout for finding this story)