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GSP signs with CAA

For a guy who could barely string together a coherant sentence in English a few years ago, Georges St Pierre sure has come a long way. He has just signed with mega-agency CAA, who’s list of clients includes half of Hollywood. Here’s the details:

CAA Sports will work with St. Pierre, alongside manager Shari Spencer, to help build new marketing and endorsement opportunities along with using the agency’s resources to create new endeavors in movies, television, licensing and digital media.

“Beyond being a fierce competitor and a tremendously skilled fighter, Georges St. Pierre’s class, integrity and humility also make him a terrific ambassador for the sport,” said Howard Nuchow, co-head, CAA Sports. “We look forward to creating opportunities for Georges that cross international borders and build upon his widespread appeal.”

So it sounds like Shari will continue to represent Georges to a certain degree, which hopefully means she won’t ask for rape-level money from the UFC next time his contract is up. I’m all for Georges getting more sponsor deals and the like, but I can’t help but be a bit nervous as more fighters get elite blood sucking agents involved in the sport. What do you guys think: big agencies = good or bad for the sport?

Update: Here’s MMA Payout talking up what this means for the sport in general. I’m still scared!

The announcement this morning that UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre has signed with CAA Sports is the latest domino to fall. It may not seem like much now, but in one year it could be remembered as a seminal moment in the sport’s development. CAA is the world’s largest and most respected talent and sports agency, the envy of its Hollywood counterparts, and has the resources to open doors scarcely imagined in MMA only a few years ago.