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GSP-Penn 3?

Many have wondered what the fuck BJ Penn’s endgame was with all these greasing allegations. Was it to save face? To prevent future cheating? Or was he angling for another fight with Georges St Pierre? Fighters Only has taken a close look at Penn’s complaint to the NSAC, and they seem to think it’s the latter:

Nahabedian’s letter concluded: “All Mr. Penn wanted to have is a fair and just bout and he continues to seek a fair and just encounter against Georges St-Pierre.”

The wording suggests that Penn wants to get back in the Octagon with St. Pierre for what would be a third meeting between the pair.

Hey, at least it sounds like BJ isn’t leaning towards retiring at this particular second. And don’t worry, all you people who would rather eat a pig’s foot than see a third encounter between these two any time soon, I doubt Dana White is going to allow this fight to happen again without forcing BJ Penn to fall in line for at least a year. But just for reference, Georges St Pierre says bring it on … with rashguards no less.