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GSP makes BJ Penn quit

Holy shit. More coming up after the radio show, but Georges St Pierre just beat the shit out of BJ Penn for 4 rounds. In the first, BJ fended off GSP’s takedowns pretty well, but from round 2 to 4 it was all GSP, who boxed up BJ and took him down at will. It still took him a lot of effort, but he fucking did it. Not so difficult: slipping BJ’s guard. If this was a BJJ tournament, Georges would have been winning by like 20 points. He went from guard to half guard to side control effortlessly. He got so good at it he started going for the mount sometimes because he knew he could get back to side control.

Near the end of the 4th, ref Herb Dean seemed to signal that he was thinking of stopping the fight. Georges was pinning BJ’s arms and throwing unanswered strikes, and once he heard Dean he let go, punishing BJ and trying to finish him off. He didn’t manage to get the fight stopped, but once the round was over BJ was a beat man. The doctors came in to look at him, and perhaps they stopped it. But I saw one of BJ’s cornermen wave it off … BJ Penn quit. If he didn’t straight out quit, he didn’t do anything to keep his corner and the doctor from stopping things. And that’s pretty much the same thing.

All I can say is wow … GSP faced the stiffest fight in his history and fucking bulldozed BJ Penn. I know we’ve been talking Anderson and Fedor for pound for pound #1 … at this point though you have to throw GSP back in the mix. How long are we gonna hold his fluke loss to Matt Serra over his head? This dude is a fucking badass.

How sweet victory is. It’s almost as sweet as a bottle of maple syrup :-)