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GSP: Losing to Serra was “the ultimate humiliation”

Haha, yeah I’m taking this quote out of context, but what can I say? We’re shit disturbers and we enjoy causing drama. Here’s the full quote for you party poopers who want to be objective:

“I felt the ultimate glory by becoming a world champion, but I also felt the ultimate humiliation by losing the fight that everybody was expecting me to win … I think it was important for me, maybe it was meant to be … to make me somebody with more maturity and better.”

The rest of the interview has nothing new to report. It’s still gonna be at least 4 months until we get to see GSP fight again. God knows why … him and Fitch could easily fight for #1 contender sooner rather than later and that wouldn’t push back the title fight one bit.

Dana’s also trying hardcore to get the UFC to Montreal for Georges’ title shot and if he sticks to that we might not get to see him fight until May or something. This whole situation is really starting to piss me off. I don’t see any other welterweights *cough*Karo*cough* sitting around waiting for their shot. Lazy fucking frenchman.

  • Stirling says:

    Nice try froggy. Aren’t you French Canadian? 😉

  • Wu Tang says:

    Now would you want another champion who cant finish fights? GSP is marketable, while Karo is not. Karo MAY deserve a shot, but fuck him, hes boring. He cnat finish fights and waits for a decision to win, which is gay to say the least. If he would finish fights instead of lay’n’pray with take downs after take downs, then he will get a shot ASAP. The fucken crowd boo’d that fight, while the other welterweight fight should have been shown (Thiago vs 1 bazillion chances Lytle). Fuck Karo, he can go back to Antartica where he came from, and let GSP who is an overall skilled fighter, get his shot at the belt and can wait forever if he wants. But now, im jumping on the Thiago wagon, just look at his kicks, Karo cant catch them!!!

    – J

  • dulljake says:

    Only I am technically French Canadian, fools!

  • I’m a specialized direct Irish-Australian Canadian hybrid, bred specifically to be the ultimate drinker. Unfortunately something went terribly wrong and now I’m just a two drink drunk :-/

  • Zheroen says:

    Seriously though, that whole “he may be the best but he doesn’t EXCITE me” argument is lame. Not everything in life should have to cater to your adult ADHD, a-holes. Sports sometimes have boring champions (see San Antonio Spurs in the NBA, New Jersey Devils in the NHL), and its the job of the exciting fighters to find a way to beat them.

  • frickshun says:

    This waiting bull is really terrible for the sport. Unfortunately, UFC has a monopoly on talent so we are all going to wait for this fight whether we like it or not.

  • Xavier says:

    Wu Tang, go watch WWE. Seriously, you’re a fucking chode. You don’t have to finish fights to be exciting. Not to mention that while you tout GSP, you forget that his last fight (Koscheck) was ultra-fuckin-boring by your standards, since there was no “finish” to it either.

  • Hey … apparently Dana and Joe Silva agree with Wu Tang, so don’t go too hard on him :-p

  • dignan says:

    If the French CBC channel can put nudity on public airwaves, surely Dana White can get the UFC into Montreal.

  • dulljake says:

    dignan, the best of french TV is in the afternoon. Once, I was watching a special on female masturbation, and they showed everything. I could see the girl’s kidney for god’s sake!!

  • Xavier says:

    I was responding to him precisely because I believe he may be Joe Silva.

  • Wu Tang says:

    AHEHE whos joe silva? Look, what sells sells, and its the market. The best interest is to make it marketable that makes money. There are about 897065405640560 guys who can argue that Karo deserves a shot, yet he has shown nothing that displays the nessesities to do so. Example, look at Chris Ltyle. Rogan KEPT on saying during his fight that if you are a boring fighter, you WILL NOT GET BOOKED! So guess what, he came out guns a blazing and it won FIGHT OF THE NIGHT, did it get boo’d? HELL NO! Well, tech it did get boo’d, but thats a diff story. While Karo’s fight with a crazy japanese guy did get boo’d. If most viewers watched the pre-lims, then the card would have been worth it. Fuck Karo, Go GSP, he is a good fighter who likes to bang. Karo doesnt, its all ring control. Boring champtions are nothing but hype, and all hype are left to dust when theres something better to do.. Kinda like wives who leaves boring their men, so yea, its true.

  • frickshun says:

    Xav & Wu should have a pistol duel.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Hehe, we should have a grappling battle, easier and no one gets hurt (unless if he has an ego, which would be BAD).

    As for boring vs exciting fights. Fights does NOT HAVE TO BE FINISHED to be exciting. In most cases best fights are not finished, but rather gets teh crowd into the game. I dont watch WWE because its fake with drama, yet with MMA, theres no drama, just two fighters in the ring who has trained their asses off in their respective group/crew, honing their styles and skills, to which they would display it in the ring. There are TONS of fights where there was never a finish but rather drawing the crowd into their game. Look at Clay Guida, prime example, fights are not finish, yet it draws the crowd. Look at Anderson silva, dominate skill set, dangerious, lives up to his hype. Look at Old Sakuraba, great fighter, got the crowd into his game. Now look at Tim Sylva, boring. Doesnt finish fights as he once did, same went to AA during his latter portion of his career. Now back to the point, boring fighters do not get booked, fighters who goes ALL OUT, win lose or draw will get booked, they make money. MMA needs more money and exposure. That is why TUF exists, creates new genre to the MMA world and the fights at the end is able to draw the crowd. There are times i would yell at the TV telling fighters what to do when they hit theground, now that is what i mean by drawing the crowd.

  • Well said! Yeah, Karo’s last fight wasnt exciting but i’ll give him a pass from time to time because most of his fights are epic ass kickings

  • Xavier says:

    “Boring champtions are nothing but hype, and all hype are left to dust when theres something better to do.. Kinda like wives who leaves boring their men, so yea, its true.”

    That’s all I really need to respond with, you’re bonkers.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I’m in the Karo is exciting camp. Even though he can’t finish, hes no Rashad or Bisping i.e. boring. Anyways, I don’t think there is any danger in Karo becoming champ, cause he would lose the belt soon. Hes not the most consistent fighter.

  • Ason says:

    How is it you have a population that speaks French so pure their English accents sound like Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau?

  • marshal says:

    GSP speaks English good. Louisiana and Brits speaks English bad!