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GSP is french, but Matt Serra still sucks

I dunno if you heard, but apparently some guy named Georges said some stuff that made ultimate UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra angry. Now I wish i could comment on the stuff that Georges said, but honestly I can’t understand a word that guy says. I once asked him WTF was up with the ‘s’ at the end of ‘George’ and he said ‘hurousssstttachhhaque fromage’ and I said ‘OK Georges’ and had sex with ten hot models. True story.

  • kali says:

    this bitch is scared..she knows once she loses to any top 10, she’ll be forgotten. yea..serra is a she.

    from:Jersey Tomato(blog)
    I wonder if that little bitch Joe Scarola will show up with his girlfriend. That is, if she hasn’t already dumped him.

    hahaha true!

  • kali says:

    GEORGE (JORGE)…. who?!??!

    if you win, then you’ll get your respect back.. and don’t lose to that bitch-Serra again.. jeezus. YOU embarassed yourself.!

  • Ekky says:

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