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GSP could be back sooner than expected

According to Dana White, Georges St Pierre’s mutant healing factor is speeding his recovery up to the point where we can pencil him in for Summer instead of Fall 2012:

“GSP’s rehab could not be going better,” White told FUEL TV’s Ariel Helwani. “I kid you not, he texts me every day. Tonight during the fight, he was texting me pictures of him kicking, of him doing things. He says, ‘I am praying every night when I go to bed that Nick Diaz wins this fight’ …

“I’ve never seen him so motivated to fight somebody and to beat somebody as he is (with) Nick Diaz. He’s ahead of schedule now, being the freak of nature that he is and the hard worker and dedicated athlete that he is, I think he’s going to be back sooner than doctors anticipated.”

As exciting as that prospect is, I dunno if ACL surgery is the kind of thing you wanna rush back from. Knee injuries are the beginning of the end for many a top athlete and rushing back into competition is a recipe for Shoguning it and re-injuring stuff / looking awful.

This is still GSP we’re talking about though. If you love him, you know he’s probably training harder than half the guys with fights coming up because that’s just the kind of psycho he is. If you hate him, you know he’s too chicken to return to action before he’s 100%. So either way you look at it, he’ll probably be fine.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    they dont call him rush for nothing

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    I can’t see him returning in the summer because that’s no the “safe” thing to do. I fully expect him to wrestlefuck his way to a decision win somewhere at the end of the 2012.

  • drunkenjunk says:

    i’m really glad GSP is so motivated to dry hump Nick for 5 rounds, good for him.