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GSP back when he was a weiner kid

E:60 did a segment on Georges St Pierre leading up to his fight with Carlos Condit, and like all the other profiles it included a part devoted to Georges’ struggles with bullying when he was a kid.

I was not a very popular kid growing up. I was getting beaten up all the time, big time. I was getting bullied. I was the guy with the baggy jeans and the hat like this (sideways). It’s a disaster! No wonder I was getting picked on. It’s amazing.

So if the 10 year old you could get a visit from the current you right now, you can tell him don’t worry you won’t be a nerd forever.

I would have beat me up. I would have grab me and shake myself and yell wake the hell up.

Jeez, those bullies still live in GSP’s head today taunting him about what a loser kid he was, and it sounds like he kinda beleives them. We’re all dorks when we’re that age – I wore sweat pants and had purple popsicle lips every day from 9 til 13. Then I hit puberty and sprouted into the man-oak of awesometude you see before you today. But even though I looked like a walking wedgie waiting to happen, you don’t hear me dissing the lame-o I was back then because a bunch of backwoods Quebec losers thought I wasn’t cool. And I didn’t turn out to be one of the greatest fighters in the history of the world!

More pictures of Geek St Pierre after the jump.