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GSP at UFC 100 is ‘pretty much’ official

While Greasegate (eugh, I hate that name) is a dead horse that looks like it will be beaten for weeks to come, at least the two guys at the center of the debacle are starting to move on a little. Dana White just announced Georges St Pierre vs Thiago Alves for UFC 100, and BJ Penn went on the record saying he’s working with the UFC to set up a title match with Kenny Florian in the summer. Don’t think that means he’s stopped thinking about GSP though:

Because of the controversy, Penn said he’d like to get another shot at St-Pierre’s welterweight belt. St-Pierre is scheduled to face Brazilian Thiago Alves this summer.

“After I defend my belt and he defends his belt, I’d love to do it again,” Penn said. “Mostly because of the controversy. I just want it to be clean — no questions, no controversy.”

But Penn also admits that he took a beating at UFC 94. He said he can’t even recall what happened in the third and fourth rounds.

“I was probably borderline knocked out or something,” he said. “I just got beat up, that much I know.”

It would be cool to think that both fights might happen on the same card (it is UFC 100 after all), but am I the only one who thinks the stank of Greasegate might make that option a little less interesting to the UFC?