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GSP approaching lockdown

For those of you keeping a stalkerish eye on Georges St Pierre’s schedule, you may have noticed that he’s been pretty busy with all the endorsements and public appearances and films he’s been doing. If you’re worried that he might be overlooking a certain Pitbull by the name of Thiago Alves, this message from his manager should reassure you that is not the case:

First, there seems to be some concern that Georges may be spending too much time on promotional activities and not enough time training. Rest assured, this is not the case. When I first started working with Georges a couple of years ago, we sat down and mapped out a rolling calendar based on his fight dates and the length of his training camp.

Every fighter has a different approach – with Georges, he likes to have a minimum of 8 weeks to train, plus the week of the fight. So as soon as we know when his next fight is going to be, I back up 9 weeks, and that’s my cutoff date, the day he goes into ‘lockdown’ mode, as we call it.

I committed to him that we would not do any promotional activity – sponsor support, personal appearances, media (other than telephone interviews), etc. so that he could focus on training, and I’ve honored that commitment. Nevertheless, during the time between his last fight and the lockdown date, Georges still continues to train & improve his skills as a fighter, saving his training camp to prepare specifically for his next opponent.

I’m sure the UFC will still force him out of ‘lockdown’ for a decent amount of promo work but it’s good to hear that his schedule is gonna be mostly cleared. Thiago Alves is gonna be the biggest dude GSP has faced off against and he also hits hard. The Matt Serra loss has a lot of people thinking Georges may have a suspect chin (or back of the head or whatever). So this is a pretty important fight for Georges to prove that he belongs up with the rest on the P4P greatest list.