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GSP ain’t moving to middleweight any time soon

I’m getting pretty fucking sick and tired of all the sites running headlines on GSP “talking about moving to middleweight”. When a guy says “I’m not moving to middleweight any time soon, I have a lot of work to do at welterweight”, he’s not ‘talking about moving to middleweight’. That’s pretty much as misleading a description of the conversation as you can get right there. I get why these sites do it … they want you to actually read more than the shitty headline to their shitty article. But come on now. Are we really at the point where MMA news sites have to TRICK you into reading their crap?

  • pauli says:

    “dana white talks about hitting fans with bottles”
    “mac danzig talks about his upside down strategy”
    “mike goldberg talks about joe rogan’s family obligation”

  • Atom says:

    All the main card fights, as well as Herman/Maia and Goulet/Hironaka are up at

  • threenutsinabag says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe Smokin Joe cant cross the border because maybe he has some kind of legal restriction prohibiting him from crossing the border? Does anybody know if hes done stand up or anything else in Canada lately? Just wunderin.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    There are alot of good fighters in that division that he still needs to fight…..John Fitch, Marcus Davis, Karo Parysian, the brazilian guy who TKO Karo, etc. If he goes on an Anderson Silva streak, then I’m OK with him moving up. But until he gets to that point, it’s stupid to think that he’s moving up.