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Grumpy old man

It seems to me like Fat Old Yoshida isn’t too happy about Sengoku and DREAM teaming up for this year’s Dynamite!! New Years Eve event. Probably has something to do with his entire camp of fighters getting released by Sengoku. He was a grouchy old bastard at the initial press conference and he’s continuing to talk shit now by pointing out what us US bloggers have been saying for years: what the fuck is up with fight announcements coming last second???

“My fight is already decided but they haven’t announced any other fight after that. I feel sorry for the fighters.”

“No other fight has been announced so maybe I should resign as well? (bitter smile)”

“They’re making light of the MMA fans by not having announced any fights until now.”

One more MMA fight has been announced, at least: Alistair Overeem will be taking on 39 year old Kayuyuki ‘Ironhead’ Fujita, best known for almost knocking out Fedor back in 2003. And while it doesn’t seem like anyone in Japan is in any rush to release the rest of the card for the super-event that’s happening in 20 days, FEG president Sadaharu Tanigawa did make an interesting claim over Twitter about a March event: DREAM champs vs Strikeforce champs, in Japan.

Of course, Japanese promoters have a long history of painting wonderful visions of pure and utter bullshit. Here’s a handy way to tell the difference between real news and fake news in Japanese MMA : if it’s announced 3 months ahead and sounds awesome, don’t believe it. If it’s announced 8 days before an event and underwhelming, it’s true.