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Growing up Carano

Josh Gross has a cool article on Gina’s family and growing up with weight issues:

Regular weekends with dad, spent mainly in Las Vegas hotels, were grand. Splitting time between parents that gave all they could — two Christmases, two Thanksgivings, two birthdays — worsened Carano’s anxiety over her weight.

“Naturally we all had that mentality of what women should look like,” Carano said. “Being the bigger boned one growing up did play a bit of a role. I didn’t look like my sisters. I wasn’t lean and skinny. But my mom would always tell me, ‘It’s not what you weigh, it’s what you look like.’ So my mom would try to balance out my dad’s you-gotta-workout-you’re-looking-kinda-heavy attitude.”

Glenn didn’t recall pushing his daughter to shed pounds. But the way he handled himself physically, maybe it wasn’t something that needed much verbalizing. Typical workouts guaranteed sweat-formed lakes around treadmills and StairMasters. But that was nothing. Four times the former Dallas Cowboys QB participated in something called the Death Ride, a brutal cycling rally in the California Alps that twice brought him to dehydration; in 2000 the course demanded climbs totaling 19,000 vertical feet over a distance of 135 miles.

It must have been fun for Gina having her daddy anxiety issues replay themselves in the MMA community with everyone commenting and speculating on her weight. I’m sure she’ll have to put up with it again the next time she fights, but a second incident free weigh-in under 145 pounds should be enough to let her move on and leave all the speculation behind in the dust.