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Growing up Aleks

The guys at Sherdog have an interesting interview up with Aleks Emelianenko. One feeling you get reading through it is that while visiting Russia seems like it’d be fun, living there sounds pretty fucking balls. People in Russia seem to take a twisted pride in how crappy their country and their lives can get. While I ‘get’ why one would be proud of resilience and determination, I have no idea why it gets transferred over into the nationalism you see so often from Russians.

The interview is chock full of all sorts of entertainment, so I’m not going to try and quote all the best bits. Just this one here as a fun fact:

You will inevitably be looking for confirmation or denial of the rumors that Aleks spent time in prison. He steadfastly maintains that he did not. Of his tattoos, he says that they are a collection of beautiful pictures, some of which he designed himself, and that any similarities to those in “Eastern Promises” are purely coincidental.