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Grove martyred for pointing out TUF sucks

Up until last Friday, Kendall Grove was set to fight Goran Reljic on the SpikeTV part of the UFC 116 card. That was before he accidentally let people know what he really thought of The Ultimate Fighter:

“It’s a business to these guys, to Spike TV. That’s who runs it, Spike TV. Dana (White), this is just a theory of mine, but Spike TV pretty much runs everything for The Ultimate Fighter. I guess they could be subleasing the UFC name. I’m sure the UFC is getting a nice little paycheck from Spike, but other than that Spike runs the thing. It’s not Dana who chooses who is going to be on the show. It’s Spike executives. And from when even I was on there they were picking more fighters and maybe a couple of guys to be the scape goats and be like the couple of funny guys, the personalities.”

Grove added that “it’s all about ratings” and alleged that Spike TV doesn’t care about the fighters or their careers.

“I admit. I’m pretty sure I got on there not just because of my good looks, but because of I had a pretty good personality and a funny personality. Everything is ratings to these guys and what’s going to sell ratings,” said Grove. “They could care two-(expletive) about our career. They just care about the time we’re there and the six weeks that they’re shooting and trying to get as much drama and stupidity out of us. That’s all we are to them, just cattle and sheep.

“The way they run things, they’re slowly controlling us to be like that.”

That’s right, a fighter is complaining that TV executives have influence over a sports promotion’s decisions, and it’s NOT half of Strikeforce’s roster pointing fingers at Ken Hershman! Now we get to learn a key difference between Showtime / Strikeforce and UFC / SpikeTV: if you say something negative about the UFC / SpikeTV, you’ll be kicked off the televised portion of the card and banished to the dark matches. Aaaaand I wouldn’t lose another fight for a while if you like being in the UFC.

Kendall Grove pretty much instantly apologized but ‘sorry’ just wasn’t good enough, just like it wouldn’t be good enough if your wife found out you said her ass was ‘way worse than it was three years ago’. Both statements may be very true, and both might be coming from a place that hopes the situation might get better. But still … how dare Kendall Grove point out that TUF has really let itself go in the prospects department to the point where it’s literally painful to watch?