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Grouting Brock’s face

  • kwagnuth says:

    When I first seen that I was like fuck keep that fuckin thing coverd cuz I was trying to enjoy my nachos. Who the hell wiped it off anyway.

  • Makinal says:

    easily top 3 o 5 face vaginas of all time

  • agentsmith says:

    I’m still waiting for the gif of the Yosemite Sam mustache guy.

  • Omomatta says:

    My thoughts…….”What in tarhooties?”

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    Now that’s a vagina that you can be proud of.

  • SST says:

    Nice title!

  • frickshun says:

    It’s like a blinking eye.

  • Elfenstein says:

    the result of a brown knee to the face ..

  • CAP says:

    He never looked better!

  • Reverend Clint says:

    no wonder he covered up and gave up like he did

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully says:

    No knives rule in effect.

  • dulljake says:

    That’s punishment for his racist bullshit comments before the fight.

  • zacvt925 says:

    There is no other way to say it other than that our mana regeneration is complete trash at the moment. It makes the game completely unplayable. When leveling, the druid is forced to use mbt shoes nothing other than Insect Swarm and then run around Moonfire in order to kill anything — simply because it’s impossible to actually play how the game designers intended while having the mana to support it. This has to change. We need some kind of passive mana regeneration. Otherwise, we can’t even do anything in PvE — let alone PvP, where the strain on our mana is even higher.

    At this point, it really doesn’t even matter where the mana comes from — just that we actually have mana. Make it be returned from critical strikes, make it entirely passive, make us have to /dance for 2 seconds … It really doesn’t matter anymore, but we simply cannot exist how we are today.

    The benefit of the new talents

    As mentioned above, we did manage to get several new talents that are quite interesting. The big three that have the largest impact on our rotation and abilities are Nature’s Torment, Shooting Stars and Sunfire.

    There is no questioning how amazing Nature’s Torment, the new Nature’s Grace, has become. From the testing that I have been doing, even with fairly minimal haste, it isn’t difficult to achieve close to a 100 percent uptime on the buff. Frankly, the new Nature’s Torment is one of our best talents now, and I personally love it. The only downside worth mentioning goes back to when it was first changed to a flat 3 percent haste buff; losing out on the mlb jerseys sale buff proccing from critical strikes really hurts the value of crit on our gear. As it stands right now, we don’t have a single talent that actually supports having gearing more towards crit, which is problematic only so much as haste is naturally going to be worth far more than crit is. The only question that remains is whether mastery is worth more than crit — and so far, it’s turning out to be.

    Shooting Stars is another great new talent that merely adds another small random proc to watch for within our rotation. Before talking about the talent itself, I think one thing should be made clear. Yes, Starsurge has lost its knockdown effect, but I highly doubt the sole reason for it was this talent. Balance druids have been given a lot of new control tools thus far in beta, least of all the ability to pick up instant Entangling Roots. With all of our other control methods, gaining another one was pushing the boundaries or at least could be seen that way. I would say that is more the reason the knockdown element was removed, not the addition of this talent.

    As for Shooting Stars itself, the proc is rather decent, but honestly it isn’t the most amazing talent in terms of PvE gameplay. Starsurge isn’t a spell that we use on cooldown every time the cooldown comes up; instead, we game it so that we can use Starsurge in order to extend the duration of each Eclipse proc. With this being the case, Shooting Stars procs are really only useful at times where they proc when we have an Eclipse active (which, granted, is fairly often); otherwise, using Starsurge would mean not being able to have the spell ready again for the next Eclipse proc. It might not necessarily result in a DPS loss to use Shooting Stars procs right when we get them, but any gain would be excessively minimal.

    The talent is pretty solid for PvP; even though the proc chance is rather low, it does provide additional burst that’s both powerful and instant and cannot be ignored. Changes don’t need to be made to the talent, although an increased chance to proc would be nice. It needs to be understood exactly how powerful the talent really is.

    Finally, not much can really be said about Sunfire at this point because the talent is completely broken on the beta servers right now. Although it’s fun to have Moonfire turn into random mob abilities, it doesn’t exactly allow for the best of testing. I would still like to point mbt shoes out that this does create something of an imbalance in the DPS between Solar and Lunar Eclipse procs; a Solar Eclipse is going to be worth far more DPS at this point. That isn’t a bad thing, and the pros certainly outweigh the cons in this situation, but it is something to keep an eye on.

  • looku746 says:

    Back in the day, before Wrath was even released, I had incorrectly speculated that there would be three tiers of glyphs in the expansion. It was my very first post on, and my mistake was clearly pointed out to me by some of the wow gold helpful commenters. It turns out that I was actually right — it just took Blizzard a few years to get around to adding the extra tier of glyphs.

    There are now three types of glyph: prime, major and minor. Prime glyphs aren’t necessarily fun; they just buff us. Major glyphs are sort of the utility glyphs that give us a measurable benefit, but they’re not necessarily mandatory. Minor glyphs are just for fun things that make our lives easier. Luckily for us, many of the new Cataclysm glyphs are available on the beta, complete with the shiny new glyph interface. While scribes may be complaining about their business models going out the window, I’m busy drooling over some of the new glyph options we have available.

    You can view a complete list of available glyphs in this earlier news post, but I’ll be reviewing the ones that are most likely to see use by rogues. Right now, most rogue specs use a pretty simple glyph formula. You start with the glyph for your primary combo point generator, add in the glyph of your 51-point talent, and then typically pick up the glyph for one of your finishers. That paradigm may shift in Cataclysm, especially after seeing some of the rebalancing that our current glyphs have seen.

    With assassination rogues moving to a two-generator rotation in Cataclysm, featuring Mutilate to open and Backstab to close, it’s likely that glyphing for both will yield a significant return. This is assuming that using Backstab when Murderous Intent is active yields a DPS boost, which it should be on a boss fight. With two prime glyph slots taken by CP generators, we’re left with a choice between a finisher and a 31-point talent.

    After seeing Venomous Wounds, it’s clear that Blizzard intends for assassination rogues to use Rupture. There’s still no Envenom glyph, so we can pick up Glyph of Rupture or Glyph of Vendetta. Which one is better remains to be seen, though I may favor Glyph of Vendetta for the simple fact that it helps to negate the assassination tree’s lack of DPS cooldowns.

    Combat’s glyphs come two by two

    Combat has an even more interesting list of possible glyphs. With two CP generators, Sinister Strike and Revealing Strike, we could potentially glyph for either. We’re also not sure if combat rogues will be moving to a three-finisher rotation, since there aren’t any talents that buff Rupture in the tree like there are in subtlety and assassination. That still leaves Slice and Dice and Eviscerate open for glyphs. Both of combat’s DPS cooldowns have glyphs, so Killing Spree and Adrenaline Rush are also on the table.

    With at least six potential glyphs to choose from and two from each category of ability, we’ll probably end up choosing the strongest tiffany jewelry from each category, as we do today. Haste’s effect on our energy regeneration will be an important factor, as it’s possible that glyphing for both Rupture and Slice and Dice may allow us to transition to a new, higher DPS rotation with enough incoming energy. None of the glyphs are awful, and I look forward to testing different combos at level 85 to find the optimal configuration.

    Subtlety gets my favorite glyph

    Hemorrhage is a move that’s undergone so many changes, I can never remember what incarnation came when. In Cataclysm, it was assumed that it would simply be used every so often to keep up "the Mangle effect," aka the bleed damage debuff. The glyph for Hemorrhage changes that and gives the ability some unique flavor that it has needed for some time. The tree is all about bleed damage, and so adding in another bleed will come as a welcome change.

    Obviously, Backstab will work its way towards the top of the glyph pile as our main CP generator, and Eviscerate will be the finisher glyph of choice. With Eviscerate now refreshing Rupture for sub rogues via Serrated Blades on a regular basis, the Rupture glyph really isn’t worth it. The Shadow Dance glyph only lets us squeeze out one extra Ambush, and the Slice and Dice glyph is just OK. The competition between the SnD and Hemo glyphs will depend on our exact balancing at level 85, so there is still some speculation as to which third glyph we’ll be using.

    Major glyphs: Batman’s utility belt

    I am really loving many of the glyphs that were moved to the major tier, since they’re things that we’ve always wanted to have but didn’t want to waste a prime glyph on. The Tricks of the Trade glyph both boosts our DPS by saving us energy and makes it simpler for us to use the ability. I can see the Blade Flurry glyph getting heavy usage on any fight with multiple targets, while the Fan of Knives radius bonus will be nice for using Tricks to get adds to a tank. The Expose Armor glyph will make it so trivial for an assassination rogue to keep up Expose Armor that DPS warriors can take Sunder Armor off their bars.

    There’s a plethora of PvP major glyphs as well, like an increase to Ambush’s range to help alleviate lag issues and a Gouge glyph to give us a way to stop runners without spending Kidney Shot. The Vanish glyph also looks fun, since I’m assuming it extends our "guaranteed" stealth time from 3 seconds to 5 seconds. There’s a major glyph for just about every situation, and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

    The absolute best minor glyph

    Glyph of Poisoning is far and away the best minor glyph. I should also mention that it’s also the worst minor glyph you can use. Since it’s the only minor glyph for rogues so far, it gets the luxury of being the best and the worst at the same time. While I rarely re-poison my weapons while in combat, this may be nice for a quick swap to a ed hardy particular poison in PvP. Let me say now that if Glyph of Pick Lock doesn’t make it into the final release, I’m going to start asking for mandatory tips for unlocking boxes on top of the Orgrimmar bank. Hopefully a few of our old minor glyphs make it back, like Glyph of Blurred Speed. Although how would that work in Vashj’ir? I’ll leave it up to the devs to figure out the details!

  • bradford621 says:

    wtf is up with the warcraft nerd comments