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Gross says Fedor isn’t locked yet

While the general consensus is that Randy Couture is definitely coming back to the UFC, word from Josh Gross at is that Fedor hasn’t been locked down yet – but the UFC is working on it.

While Lesnar has been mentioned as a possible opponent for Couture, the former professional wrestler is not the only name in consideration, one source said.

A return to the UFC for Couture would likely include an option to fight Emelianenko, a source close to the fighter said. In fact, negotiations between UFC executives and Emelianenko’s American representatives, led by Dennis Spencer of SFX Media, are at an advanced stage, has learned.

The article also mentions Fedor’s Affliction contract, with Tom Atencio on record saying Affliction wouldn’t get in the way of letting that fight happen, even if they’re not involved. It’s times like this that I’m glad not everyone is a cut throat business asshole. On the other hand, if you’re not willing to go eye for an eye against the UFC, they’re liable to poke out both of yours before you can even say “You’re welcome to use Fedor.”