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Gross: Rampage is lazy and hard to deal with

Josh Gross predicts Rashad Evans will beat Quinton Jackson this weekend, and brings up the obvious but largely unsaid fact that Rampage just doesn’t have that burning desire to be the best he can be in MMA any more:

None of that happens without his achievements in MMA, of which there are many despite people close to Jackson (30-7) claiming over the years that he can be lazy in the gym and difficult to deal with. Both are true. Forget about training unless a fight is booked. He’s the opposite of UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre in this regard. And coming off a 14-month period filled with more days on set than on the mat, it’s fine to wonder how serious Jackson is about MMA. If the fan favorite hasn’t regressed as a mixed martial artist, he definitely hasn’t progressed.

Does he care? Debatable. Yes, at his core Jackson is a fighter. But if he could get away from MMA, even after just re-upping with the UFC for six more fights, he says he would.

The article doesn’t even lay out the crux of the situation: if the A-Team movie comes out on June 11th and makes a shitboat of cash on opening weekend, that’ll be the last we see of Quinton Jackson … until he inevitably blows all his money and has to crawl back to the sport. What happens when you put someone with that kind of mindframe (amongst others) up against a guy like Evans, who lives and breathes the sport and constantly improves under the eyes of Greg Jackson and that other unfortunately named Winklejohn guy?