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Gross holes

So it’s 2AM and I can’t sleep because I was an idiot and drank an energy drink earlier today. So I figure what better time to write a journal post? This one is gonna be a barely-MMA related diary styles thing so unless you give a shit about my thoughts and rambles, I’d skip it.

I’ve been making more of an effort to get out lately and try to have a life. It’s hard considering the fact that we’re still hella poor at the moment but I’ve decided to stop using that as a blanket excuse for not doing anything and am instead actively trying to reach out and reconnect with old friends and turn the cool acquaintances I know into new friends. I feel kinda like I’m re-learning to interact with the world. Since going full time on Fightlinker I’ve become a bit of a shut-in, and that’s no good.

So on that tip, I went to a roller derby event on Saturday night before UFC 101 and also went swimming on the roof of a hotel downtown today. Swimming was fun but slightly nerve-wracking … a tainted 99 cent slice of pizza from the night before had turned my guts to water and I literally shit my pants farting not one hour before heading out for the pool. But via the power of Imodium, all was well.

The derby wasn’t really my kinda thing but it was nice to support my friend Melanie (she’s on the Sexpos derby team) and also ran into a few other friends. Socializing was hard because of all the noise – I really need to go to a clinic and have all the wax blocking up my ears sucked out. Yep, they do that and it’s amazing how much better you hear afterward. I used to get it done about once a year as a teenager but stopped when I got into raves figuring all the crap in there might help protect my eardrums from all the bleepity bloop techno music. So I think I have one or two orange-brown marbles lodged deep in my ear canals by now.

And while I’m at the clinic I suppose I should get my cock checked out. I haven’t had an STD test in a while, mainly because I haven’t been fucking around, but part of this ‘being social’ thing involves taking my dick out of it’s jar. I suppose it’s important to make sure it’s not growing mold before I start sticking it in any moist holes. As far as those go, I signing up to last week and finally filled out profile tonight plus messaged a few girls who fit my current artsy/smart/funny criteria. It was surprisingly painless, so it should be interesting to see where all of that goes. I’ll keep you all updated.

Oh, I got a new ‘job’ writing K-1 event previews for HDNet. It took me about 3 hours tonight to write a 700 word thing for the K-1 World Grand Prix in Tokyo this Tuesday … about an hour trying to figure out how the fuck the GP is structured (it’s not) and two hours learning about all the fighters so I don’t embarrass myself. I don’t think the time to money ratio worked out all that great, but I have more time than money right now so that’s just part of the hustle involved with keeping FL in the black. Plus it was kinda fun learning about &feature=player_embedded” target=”_blank”>Ramazan Ramazanov … he’ll be fighting Melvin Manhoef in the opening round and now I wanna see that fight!

My main focus this week is on making sure I don’t bounce book writing duties for news blogging like I did last week. Every day it seemed like so much was going on yet when Rodriguez was asking about what we should include in the weekly wrapup I realized barely anything significant had happened. Plus, the book is a key component to making Fightlinker a viable living. To pervert George Orwell, “If there is hope, it lies in the Fightlinker book.” Also on the absolutely must be done list: locking down some meetings regarding a Women’s MMA documentary project we’re trying to get going.

Apologies for this post being so gross, hopefully no one was eating chocolate or M&Ms during the earjam / poo portions.