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Gross: Blame Canada

Josh Gross blames trainer Shawn Tompkins for Mark Coleman’s shitty gameplan:

Coleman made Couture’s night easy when, at the advice of his trainer Shawn Tompkins and the despite the fact it has never been his path to victory, he chose to stand and trade.

From the outset, Couture jabbed at Coleman (16-10) and snapped his head back with right hands. Coleman took the shots and moved back on uncertain legs. This was not the dominant man who mauled people en route to UFC and Pride championships.

Before the fight, Tompkins said Coleman’s performance would be a confident one. That for the first time in his career he walked into a fight knowing he was prepared and trained up. Shortly into the bout, Coleman carried the attitude of a confused athlete, one who was thinking instead of fighting.

Between the first and second round, Coleman looked up at Tompkins as the Canadian — who has a long resume of working with some of MMA’s best, including Couture and Dan Henderson — offered instructions on how to keep distance and how to fire off combinations. I’m fairly certain he would have loved if Tompkins told him to run out there and take a shot on a double-leg. If you’re going to go out, go out at what you do best.

There are some that say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I disagree … humans can learn new tricks no problem. I don’t know about learning an entirely new way of fighting though. Training Coleman for a few months in boxing and then sending him out to strike with Couture makes about as much sense as duct taping a car’s windows shut and trying to drive it underwater.