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Forrest Griffin vs Thiago Silva at UFC 101

With GSP vs Penn 2, the UFC started the year off with a pretty good bang. But since then the UFC’s cards have been pretty weak indeed and they’re not getting better any time soon. From February to the end of May we’ve had very little to look forward to. I understand that booking up events is a hard job and all but that’s 4 goddamn months of sub-par events. Testicles, I say. Testicles in the mouths of Dana White and Joe Silva.

But at least things pick back up with UFC 99 (or 98 if you consider the start of a new Dark Age in MMA interesting), and then there’s the retardo UFC 100 and no slacking with UFC 101. That card features Randy Couture vs Big Nog and now it’s got another pretty cool fight: Forrest Griffin vs Thiago Silva.

Sure, Silva broke my heart in the Machida fight, but since Machida seems to scrub everyone he fights one way or another, I won’t hold it against him too much. I was never quite sold on Forrest Griffin being a top contender … he beat Shogun, which was impressive before everyone realized Shogun sucks now. And I still have suspicions that his win over Quinton Jackson had more to do with Quinton than Forrest.

So Thiago Silva is a perfect test: someone who’s gonna come out and try to decapitate him. If Forrest wins, he’s for real. If not, the ball just bounced the right way for him a few times.