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Griffin Bonnar may become a real person

Who knows if this is just a witty little story Stephan Bonnar is tossing around in media interviews leading up to his thrashing at the hands of Anderson Silva, but it’s a cool sentiment regardless:

UFC fighter Stephan Bonnar will become a first-time father sometime in October. There is a chance his new son will enter this world as he’s fighting Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC 153 on Oct. 13 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

But whenever he comes, he might have a pretty catchy name.

Bonnar and his wife, Andrea, haven’t decided definitively upon a name for their unborn son, but one name they’ve kicked around is Griffin.

As in, Griffin Bonnar. For those who aren’t long-time mixed martial arts fans, those words have significant meaning in the sport.

This should cheer up Forrest Griffin a little, who’s been going through a rehash of his Anderson Silva defeat lately after admitting he tested positive for Xanax after the fight. Unless Stephan Bonnar decides he doesn’t want his son named after an anxiety riddled has-been. Ouch, Stephan. That’s harsh.