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Greg Jackson’s varied hobbies

I always figured Greg Jackson for a boring dude, someone who takes his craft extremely seriously and doesn’t really have time for much else. But after reading this interview with him, I’ve done a complete 180. Check out just some of his thoughts

…on visiting Egypt (very Joe Rogan-esque)

And seeing something as stupid old as the Pyramids was humbling. Then you get to see Ramses II … you study his battles, and then there is the dude. There are these rock statues that have been standing for 3,000 years, and then there is the mummy, like his hair is still on his head. It was amazing.

…on ghost towns

I am a huge ghost town nerd. In New Mexico, especially, but all around the western part of the [United] States, there are these old towns that are just abandoned. I like to track them down, research them. I go to the University of New Mexico, I go find the old maps, find the information and then you just drive and you go in the middle of the desert and you try to find these old towns. It’s surreal. You’ll be driving through, there is nothing there, then all of a sudden, boom, and there is this giant town just sitting there like they left it yesterday.

…on being friends with the Crocodile Hunter, randomly enough:

I would have to say the highlight would be hanging out with Steve Irwin and his family for the years I got to spend with them, and, right before he passed, getting to wrestle crocs on the Kennedy River [in Northern Australia].