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Greg Jackson talks nipples

Cage Potato talked to Greg Jackson, and of course conversation turned to the whole nipple thing:

You say you didn’t come up with the nipple tweak…


…But it is associated with your guys and your gym now.

You know, I’m actually really glad Rashad didn’t do it this last time. We’ve been on a winning streak with it but I’m glad Rashad won and didn’t do it, so now we’re free of the nipple tweak, I hope. Georges did it first and I don’t know why he did it, but everyone was giving him a hard time about it and we’re a real team so Rashad did it so people would stop giving Georges so much flack. Then Nate Marquardt did it and Loiseau did it and forget it, after that everyone did it. I’ve been asked, ‘does it stimulate electricity through your body?’ No. No it doesn’t. They’re just a bunch of big dorks. That’s the answer to that question.

I read where Rashad said he realized the reason he started slow was because he forgot to do the nipple tweak.

Oh no, he said that? Great, now we’re back to the nipple-tweak. At least he showed you can win without it, which would be just fine with me.

I’ve always thought the nipple thing was pretty retarded, but hearing that GSP was getting mocked for it and Rashad joined in as an act of solidarity … that’s actually kinda sweet. It’s like the slow clap at the end of an inspirational movie, except instead of everyone clapping, they’re all pinching and rubbing their titties.