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Greg Jackson makes startlingly obvious revelation about fighters

The Great Gypsy Curse of 2012 will go down with the Black Death and the Spanish Influenza in the annals of devastating blights that have plagued mankind. The UFC lost a ton of fights, including several headliners, and even had to scrap an event altogether for the first time ever. Fighters lost money, peak career time, and the respect of their boss if they had the audacity to decline a last minute fill-in spot to save the day.

But is that the biggest problem a fighter is faced with? Famed trainer, Greg “Yoda” Jackson thinks he knows what biggest problem is, and it’s quite revealing. Speak to Tatame he did (transcription via Fightline):

“I think the biggest problem for any fighter is not the fight itself, but what happens outside the cage. For example, when they are involved in a wrong relationship, or drugs, or fail to train, to engage. These are the biggest problems I’ve seen.”

There you have it. It’s not the actual fight. It’s women, drugs, family stress, financial problems, et al. Ya know, LIFE. The same shit that everyone in the entire world has to balance with their day jobs.