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Greg Jackson licks Dana White’s chode

Greg Jackson’s relaxed calm is the ying to Dana White’s screamy fuck you yang. No matter what’s happening on Planet Jackson – a fighter’s groin exploding, the owner of the UFC calling you a sports killer – he doesn’t get uppity. No sir. He just looks at it from a few different points of view and says “Even though we have different opinions, I totally see where you’re coming from and respect your position.” Stupid Greg Jackson. Don’t you know when someone whips out their dick and starts a pissing contest you do the same and piss ever harder? EVER HARDER!

Here’s Jackson being surprisingly reasonable following the Dana’s recent attempts to blame everything on him:

Everybody’s emotions kind of got the better of them, not just Dana, but a lot of people. Fighters, too. I think that’s reasonable. Listen, Dana is very, very good at what he does. He is the best in the world. You need that fire. The same thing that makes him emotional also gives him the fire too, you know; to knock on these executives doors when people are turning him down time after time. From fighting to get us legalized here and there, you need that fire. Kind of the flip side of that fire can be when things don’t go your way, you get mad. But, I don’t hold that against him for myself. You have to have that passion and you have to have that fire. It can go out of control or it can flash a little bit. But, if he didn’t have that fire, we might not be where we are today because it gets discouraging, you know, time after time. Remember, the UFC wasn’t always like this. It took someone to really get in there and fight and fight and (not) get discouraged and get up again and fight and fight to get it to where we are. That’s why I’ll never say a bad thing about Dana. Sometimes that stuff comes out as a negative and if I have to bear the brunt of it, that’s what I have to do.

Now I know why Jon Jones listens to Greg Jackson. It’s because Greg Jackson is Jesus.

  • voice of reason says:

    It seems too much though…no one is like that all the time, some of it’s gotta be fake

    no one is always 100% zen like ‘we gotta love and be kind to each other and it’s totally my fault i’ll take the responsibility and everyone is a great guy sir and i’m a gentleman’…

  • Reverend Clint says:

    hes like a crazy passive aggressive chick

  • glassjawsh says:

    My aunt lived in a buddhist temple in sedona arizona for 17 years. she only wears maroon track suits and hasn’t eaten meet since the 70’s.

    and I once saw her SCREAM at an insurance adjuster and then smash a potted plant into another potted plant when they were trying to dick over her dying mother out of in home hospice care.

    yeah, shit gets to you eventually. gonna be sweet when he loses his mind

  • This is the first time I ever believed Greg Jackson was a master strategist. He’s doing a Gandhi on Dana. Just beat me until your arm gets tired. You can’t help it; it’s your nature. You are a fire element; I am water. I forgive you Dana. I forgive you.

  • Ryan, you made me look up chode. You are the dick joke master.

  • G Funk says:

    Ha! He didn’t know what chode was. What a hog!