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Greg Jackson is ruining Melvin Guillard

Damn you, Greg Jackson:

Guillard, 27, was pleased with his third consecutive victory, but he offered apologies because the fight wasn’t as exciting as UFC President Dana White had expected.

“I was happy, my coaches were happy, but part of me was unhappy because Dana expected that to be a big brawl,” said Guillard, who attended Bonnabel High School. “Since I’ve been with (trainer) Greg Jackson, I’ve learned to be more methodical.”

Dana White most certainly did expect that fight to be a brawl, because Guillard and Stephens are both dumb brawlers. Now Jackson has taken his dumb brawler and is trying to turn him into a half-intelligent fighter, which means we have to suffer through Melvin’s delicate technical flowering in the ring.

Count me out, thank you very much. Guys like Guillard exist to crash together with their opponents like rams fighting over a sexy ram bitch. I don’t want no nifty ram footwork or finesse. Rams. Crashing. Skulls. Smashing. Goo coming out. Only this will sate my MMA fan bloodlust.

After the jump: some gifs of Guillard doing what he does best.


  • mmariusp says:

    some gifs of Guillard doing what he does best???

    And no gifs of Guillard getting cought in some kind of submission?

  • fightlinker says:

    well that would still technically be what Guillard does worst

  • yep says:

    thats why my 2 favorite fighters are fedor and the korian zombie…
    the most fearless fighters i’ve seen, they just come to fight, none of this flinchig, running, dancing, playin it safe tring to get points, ect…

    inspirational shit

    not to familiar with guillard, but very familiar with cautions smart weak fighters…