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Greg Jackson is not a guarantee

There’s a lot of people throwing Greg Jackson’s name around like a talisman against the scary possibility of Lyoto Machida winning the light heavyweight strap (that other Winklejohn guy never gets any love, does he?). Machida might be able to stand on the outside and still slap Rashad Evans around at will, but Rashad has Greg Jackson! And Greg Jackson will save the day! Or not. Here’s Nate from Bloody Elbow pointing out that this wouldn’t be the first time Greg’s coaching has come up short:

Personally I think Jackson’s camp is as good as anyone’s but let’s not forget that Jackson is the same coach who’s Yoda’d his heart out in many a losing UFC effort — think Nate Marquardt vs Anderson Silva, Diego Sanchez vs Josh Koscheck, Keith Jardine vs Houston Alexander/Wanderlei Silva etc etc.

You can’t overstate Greg Jackson’s influence on Rashad Evans enough … he took Rashad from shitty wrestler to Iceman destroying striker over the past few years and if Evans is gonna beat Machida it’s because his camp solved the puzzle and gave him the answer. But that’s a pretty tall order and while Jackson is great at giving his fighters a chance to win against any opponent, it’s not like he’s some kind of apparently unstoppable force coming into this fight. That distinction unfortunately goes to Lyoto Machida.