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Great Success!

Preliminary numbers are in and WEC 48 Aldo vs Faber breezed by the 100,000 PPV buy mark, sitting currently between 150k and 200k buys. As with all initial numbers, these trend low so there’s even a chance that the event might even outperform some of the UFC’s shittier overseas events. Considering people were initially estimating that the event wouldn’t sell more than 50k, Dana White and Reed Harris must be patting eachother on the back (if Reed Harris has been allowed out of the broom closet he’s been locked in for the past few weeks).

Also interesting: the prelim show on Spike started at a .62 rating for the first 30 minutes, then shot up to 1.01 by the end of the Garcia / Zombie fight. This points towards the same kind of “Holy shit, are you watching Spike?” type word that spread during the Bonnar / Griffin fight. Who knows how many extra buys the show got from this awesome lead-in? Or from the WEC is UFC hypnosis? However you break down the success, it was a great success, and congrats to Zuffa for pulling off something no one really thought they’d be able to pull off.

So what’s next? Michael Rome pushes for a B-League transformation. Ben Fowlkes thinks absorbing two new weight classes (three if you include the eventual flyweight) into the UFC could confuse dumb MMA fans. But now that the WEC pulled off these solid PPV numbers, I think I know what’s next: more of the same. If the WEC can pull off 3-4 pay per views a year making roughly 5 million a pop off the PPV end, that’s more than enough for them to leave things as they are.