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Great moments in delusional tweets

More time for a little game. Guess who:

Paraphrasing what someone in the know just told me: UFC going against Strikeforce is the best PR CBS can have. Sounds right.

This is in response that the UFC will be airing an event on Strikeforce’s current (read as ‘unconfirmed’) April date, compelling them to go face to face with the Big Leagues or move their show for the second time to compete with WEC’s PPV debut. I think I sense a little 3-D chess here – make SF look bad, put CBS in the position of looking like they’re catering to the UFC’s event schedule, and further cripple the chances of WEC being anything but a feeder league in the future and accelerate the promotion of 145 and 135 to the UFC.

Remember when people said Silva vs. Irvin was a sign that Affliction was getting to the UFC? How’d that work out?